2023 Auction Lots

Below is a listing of the amazing 2023
Naples Winter Wine Festival auction lots

Flexjet Raffle 2023

Everyone who bids on this lot will be a winner, and the biggest winners will be the underserved children of Collier County.

Each year, the Naples Winter Wine Festival provides patrons and guests the opportunity to support one of the community’s greatest needs during the Fund a Need lot. This year’s Fund a Need, called “Healthy Mind, Body & Soul,” will give donors the opportunity to make donations to support the Naples Children & Education Foundation (NCEF) Healthcare Initiatives: Healthcare, Mental Health, Oral Health and Vision.

Access to high-quality and comprehensive health services strongly correlates with overall physical and mental wellbeing in any community. Donated funds will allow NCEF to provide access to primary care allowing early detection and treatment of healthcare related issues, specifically Mental Health, Oral Health and Vision, that when left untreated can lead to more serious and irreversible conditions. Unfortunately, routine check-ups are often missed by underserved families due to various barriers. When families forego preventative and basic care, there is an increase in unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations for avoidable health conditions.

This year, we’re placing a special emphasis on Mental Health.  The distresses the pandemic had on children becomes more evident every day in school, sports and after school programs. Teachers, counselors and parents express high levels of concern regarding the mental state of children. NCEF recognizes the current “mental health epidemic” that is affecting children in Collier County with mental health partners experiencing lack of access, increased severity of cases and more young patients in need of crisis support.

The impact from Hurricane Ian added to the level of stress and trauma which is now greater than ever. With 27,000 families having lost or been displaced from their homes, the urgency for mental health outreach, care and support is in greater demand. Your support will increase the availability and affordability of healthcare services, ensuring that the Mind, Body & Soul of Collier County children are cared for.

The realities are grim:
The number of children living in poverty in Collier County increased by 27.3%* over the past decade.
*This number is rising due to the recent devastation from Hurricane Ian displacing thousands of children from their homes.
40% of Collier County 3rd graders have untreated cavities compared to 25% in the state of Florida.
Due to lack of funding and access to quality care, 85% of Title I students have vision problems that are either undetected or untreated.
23.3% of youth in Collier County (grades 1-6) are considered overweight or obese.
9.5% of Collier County children lack health insurance compared to the state average of 7.2%.
One in five children under the age of 18 has a diagnosable mental health disorder.

Mental health and substance abuse have been identified as the two most pressing issues by the chiefs of Collier County’s local law enforcement and emergency response agencies. Recently, a Collier County Sheriff stated: “In America, we have two suicides for every homicide. 5,400 children from 7 to 12 years of age attempt suicide every day.”

NCEF has brought together key providers in the community to help shift the provision of mental health services in Collier County to an integrated primary care model. Since 2012, the initiative has been transforming and expanding mental and behavioral health care for at-risk children in Collier County. Dubbed “Beautiful Minds,” the initiative strengthens links among health care providers, community mental health professionals, social services and the public school system.

Here’s how your contribution will make a difference:
$100,000 provides two school liaisons to help children with mental health needs in a school setting
$50,000 provides mental health assessments for 400 children
$25,000 provides 100 children with primary care visits
$10,000 provides 600 children with the opportunity to be treated by a pediatric dentist in one month
$5,000 provides 200 children with vision screenings
$1,000 provides oral health education classes for 175 families

NCEF’s goal is to ensure access to primary care, allowing early detection and treatment of disease, behavioral health issues and other health concerns in children. Trauma experts and training will be expanded to double the number of professionals that will help children cope with the trauma they have been exposed to. Help us continue NCEF’s blueprint for success and transforming our community.

Here’s how this unique auction lot will work:

Your registration packet includes five cards that display your paddle number. Four of the cards display a specific dollar amount on one side and a signature line on the reverse side. The fifth card displays a write-in area for you to choose the amount with a signature line on the reverse side.

Following the auctioneer’s call to action, every paddle holder has the opportunity to drop one (or more) of the signed cards into the bucket provided by volunteers as they move from table to table through the tent.

Dig deep, bid high and help us make a difference: It’s ALL for the kids!


The Caring Patrons of the 2023 Naples Winter Wine Festival

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