2022 Auction Lots

Below is a listing of the amazing 2022
Naples Winter Wine Festival auction lots

Flexjet Raffle 2022

This is the only lot in this year’s auction that won’t have a sole winning bidder:

Everyone who bids on this lot will be a winner, and the biggest winners will be the underserved children of Collier County.

We’re asking for your help for our education initiatives: Early Learning, Out-of-School Time and Career and College Readiness. NCEF’s investment in a child’s education goes far beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. From early learning to high school graduation, children who participate in NCEF-funded programs receive a safe, nurturing environment and are set up for success in their post high-school graduation years. Our investments are designed to have life-long impacts on the children who receive the services.

When the time comes to bid on this lot, your support will underwrite these vital initiatives:

Early Learning can help combat crime, teen pregnancy and high school dropout rates. A child without an early childhood education is 25 percent more likely to drop out of school, 40 percent more likely to become a teenage parent and 70 percent more likely to be arrested for a violent crime. Research shows 85 percent of brain development occurs before age three and children from underserved backgrounds are exposed to an estimated 30 million fewer words than their economically advantaged peers. When children have the benefit of a high-quality early childhood education, they make cognitive and social gains that prepare them to start school, they enter kindergarten ready to learn and are best positioned to thrive in the 21st century.

One in five kids across America are alone and unsupervised after school and the hours of 2 to 6 p.m. are the peak time for juvenile crime. In Immokalee alone, the student demographic profile shows over 95% to be economically disadvantaged, 75% living in non-English speaking homes, 27% with limited English proficiency and 35% from migrant families; in families with little academic or career success, children rarely receive the support they need to succeed. Our Out-of-School Time programs actively fund groundbreaking initiatives to close gaps in education during after-school, holiday and summertime hours. For a large number of “latch-key” kids, unsupervised after-school hours and unoccupied weekends can lead to experimentation as well as risky and dangerous behaviors. NCEF invests in programs that provide homework help, focused academic support and enrichment during non-school hours.

The path to a happy and successful life doesn’t end with the last year of high school. Only 36% of young adults in Collier County have attained a high-quality degree or credential. Regardless of if they plan on attending college or not, students need to learn the skills that will allow them to navigate the peaks and valleys of life after school. NCEF supports programs that provide access to college readiness for those continuing their education, or career focused opportunities for those who decide college is not their path.

From the very young child in need of quality early learning to the older child who needs something to do after school or tutoring, all the way to at-risk teens and young adults needing career and college support, NCEF’s Education initiatives provide the most fragile children with the tools they need to succeed academically and thrive.

Help us continue to build upon this path to Raise the Grade.

How can your contribution make a difference?
$100,000 provides 360 at-risk high school students a chance to graduate on time
$50,000 provides 50 children a year of after-school programing
$25,000 provides 13 children scholarships for year-round early learning
$10,000 provides 10 high schoolers with a career-focused internship
$5,000 provides 10 early learning classrooms with reading libraries
$1,000 provides 8 children, who are experiencing behavioral challenges, with assessments and therapies

Here’s how this unique auction lot will work:
Your registration packet includes five cards that display your paddle number. Four of the cards display a specific dollar amount on one side and a signature line on the reverse side. The fifth card displays a write-in area for you to choose the amount with a signature line on the reverse side.

Following the auctioneer’s call to action, every paddle holder has the opportunity to drop one (or more) of the signed cards into the bucket provided by volunteers as they move from table to table through the tent.

Every dollar raised will go to support NCEF’s education initiatives to focus on the future of Collier County’s children.

Bid high and bid often: It’s all for the kids!

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