2019 Auction Lots

Below is a listing of the amazing 2019
Naples Winter Wine Festival auction lots


8 – 3 Liter Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon (1 each: 1992–1999)


Ask any golfer what is the rarest of all birds, and the answer will invariably be a “double eagle.” A wine collector would confidently answer with a slightly different bird – Screaming Eagle. This small production gem has redefined the standards for excellence and the collectability of a Napa Cabernet. A perpetual candidate for the wine of the vintage, it achieved perfect and near-perfect reviews every year during the Nineties.

This lot of Screaming Eagle Double Magnums, generously donated by collector and NCEF Honorary Trustee Ron Kuhn, is legendary, and is one of the most significant lots of wine ever auctioned in the world. While there are tens of thousands of vineyards throughout the world, only a few can be truly considered among the greatest, a title that can only be earned through the quality of the wines they produce. One such vineyard is Screaming Eagle, among the world’s most legendary vineyards and wineries, and it may be the hardest wine in the world to acquire.

Screaming Eagle, the wine that kick-started California’s Cult Cabernet phenomenon and transformed the world of wine, remains its scarcest and most collectible. Marked by a small vineyard and a micro-production capacity, this cult wine is exceedingly rare, as almost all of its bottles are sent only to exclusive mailing lists and no Large Format bottles are released commercially. But now there is a chance to own the rarest of all birds on the planet: eight Double Magnums of Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon!

The prestige of Screaming Eagle is even more amazing given its humble beginnings in a small 12 x 18-foot stone building barely larger than a small garage. Its inaugural vintage of 1992, bottled by hand by founder Jean Phillips, was nonetheless dense, polished and deeply flavored. Each succeeding vintage has built upon this foundation, creating a string of wines of unbelievable purity. Every vintage of Screaming Eagle brims with the rich expression of cassis that seems to be its hallmark.

This is a one-of-a-kind, eight-vintage (1992-1999) vertical in Large Format 3 Liter bottles. These Double Magnum bottles are among a handful of bottles of this size ever produced; and for some of these vintages, these may be the only bottles left in existence. Each was produced while Phillips owned the winery and was produced by her along with famed winemaker Heidi Barrett.

These legendary bottles were acquired by Ron directly from Auction Napa Valley in 2001, impeccably stored in his private cellar until this auction, then delivered to Naples via private air. These extremely rare bottles showcase a period where Screaming Eagle consistently received astounding ratings from The Wine Advocate.

This collection without doubt will be historic in the wine world. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to own – and enjoy – the stuff that legends are made of.


Ronald J. Kuhn

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