Sep. 062022

Danny Grant

For those who have dined at one of Chef Danny Grant’s restaurants, you know there’s something extra special about the experience, the service and the food.  And while it’s hard to put into words what makes his restaurants so incredible, his dedication to his craft and his passion for pushing boundaries are what drive his success.  Danny is classically trained in French cooking, which drives his technique, but his love and passion for travel inspire his creations.  Among his many accolades received throughout his career in New York, Chicago and Scottsdale, Danny is proud to stand as the youngest US chef to earn two Michelin stars in 2011 and 2012.  And while he’s proven his skills as a Michelin-Star chef, since 2015 he has focused his energy into building his restaurant group, What If Syndicate.  Now Danny spends his time as a business owner, and chef, creating incredible restaurant brands across the country including Maple & Ash, etta, Monarch, Kessaku and many more to come. 

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