Aug. 212023

Markus Glocker

Chef Markus Glocker is Austrian born and hotel bred. In Linz, the city that straddles the great Danube, Markus grew up working in the family-run hotel. It was in his aunt’s kitchen, at the foot
of her grand dirndl, where his passion and love of hospitality was born.

After attending culinary school in Linz, Chef Glocker, in search of experience, traversed Europe and America’s finest kitchens. His culinary adventures took him to Munich’s renowned Restaurant Vier Jahreszeiten, after which he went on to excel at Restaurant Eckart Witzigmann in Berlin and Restaurant Steirereck in Vienna. In America, Glocker spent valuable years working alongside acclaimed chefs’ Charlie Trotter in Chicago and Gordon Ramsay in London and New York, which received two Michelin stars during his tenure.

Chef Glocker is celebrated for his elegant and precise attention to detail. His passion and high standards have earned him a coveted Michelin Star, 3-stars from The New York Times, 3-stars
from New York Magazine, and in May, 2015, as Executive Chef/Owner of Batard Restaurant in NYC, Glocker was awarded Best New Restaurant in America by the James Beard Foundation.

“If my hotelier origins have taught me anything, it is that we are all travelers. From every walk of life we gather together over food and drink in the glow of the light to share our stories: our hopes, our travails, our dreams. This is my contribution to the dance.”
–Markus Glocker

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