Dec. 012021

Morgan Harris, MS

Morgan Harris passed the Master Sommelier Diploma Examination in 2018. After ten years of working on all sides of New York City’s world-class restaurant scene, he relocated to San Francisco. Morgan’s experience selling to a diverse, demanding clientele for over a decade informs his tailored approach to shaping beverage narratives. In the digital beverage space, he has worked with major players such as Wine Folly, Vivino, Punch Drink, GuildSomm and WineAccess. He has appeared as a presenter on NBC and the Esquire Network and was a principal character in the 2018 The New York Times best seller, Cork Dork. Morgan was recognized by Wine & Spirits magazine as one of “America’s Best New Sommeliers,” and he was a national-level finalist for competitions sponsored by the Guild of Sommeliers and the Châine des Rôtisseurs. In addition to his other endeavors, he still works several dinner shifts each week at San Francisco’s acclaimed Italian restaurant, Cotogna.

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