In 2016, the Naples Children & Education Foundation awarded $11 million to improve the lives of underprivileged and at-risk children in Collier County. Annual grants totaling $6.6 million were given to over thirty non-profit agencies and an additional $4.4 million was granted to support three multi-year, multi-faceted strategic initiatives aimed at continuing to provide mental health services to those in need, providing out-of-school programs in Immokalee and expand early learning opportunities into areas of the county where there is little to no access, along with continuing to increase the quality of current programming throughout the county. All NCEF traditional grant funding falls into the following service categories:

  • child advocacy

  • early learning

  • medical/healthcare

  • mental health

  • out of school time

2017 Festival’s Fund a Need

“A Bright, Sunshiny Future,” an NCEF initiative focusing on Children’s Healthcare is the 2017 Festival’s Fund a Need. Funds raised under the tent will help expand the multi-year effort into areas of the county where access to children’s dental, mental health, primary care and vision are continuously needed to our most underprivileged and at-risk children.

NCEF provides children in need with essential medical and healthcare services that have measureable outcomes and life-changing impact. Poverty has increased almost 10% in the past decade in Collier County and with this year’s Fund a Need we can make a profound difference in so many children’s lives by helping to ensure they are able to receive the medical attention that every child deserves.

2016-2017 Grant Commitee

The grant selection process is led by a Committee of eleven trustees who work year round to determine how the funds raised at the Naples Winter Wine Festival can be used to make the greatest impact on the neediest children in our community.

  • Susie McCurry
  • Valerie Boyd
    Vice Chair
  • Jeannelle Brady
    Committee Member
  • Lewie Card
    Committee Member
  • Debbi Cary
    Committee Member
  • Paul Hills
    Committee Member
  • Rick Kash
    Committee Member
  • Joe Masterson
    Committee Member
  • Bob Scott
    Committee Member
  • Jerry Starkey
    Committee Member
  • Ed Staros
    Committee Member

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2016 Grant Recipients

  • ABLE Academy



    ABLE Academy provides intensive applied behavior analysis for children with Autism and related disorders. This grant will continue to fund the Early Intensive Intervention Institute for developmentally delayed children, ages 1 through 7, who do not qualify for other funding or services elsewhere.

  • Angels Undercover



    Angels Undercover promotes education by providing school uniforms, socks and underwear to elementary school-aged children in Collier County who would otherwise come to school inadequately dressed. Providing economically needy children with these basic necessities aids them in arriving at school ready to learn.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast



    Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast provides community and site-based mentoring for at-risk children. This year’s grant will provide the opportunity for BBBSSC to pair waiting youth with mentors, expand site-based mentoring, and maintain sufficient numbers of well-trained staff and volunteers. This project will target economically needy children living in single parent homes as well as those coping with parental incarceration.

  • Boys & Girls Club of Collier County



    Boys & Girls Club of Collier County provides daily after-school and summer enrichment programs to inspire and enable children throughout Collier County, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to reach their full potential. Funding will provide academic and youth development summer programming for 1,100 at-risk children in Golden Gate, East Naples and Immokalee.

  • Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation



    Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation helps to build character and teach critical life lessons to disadvantaged youth in distressed communities across the country through sport. NCEF funds will support Badges for Baseball and special needs programming at the new . As a part of this program, 40 youth from the Collier County area receive the opportunity to attend a week-long overnight summer baseball camp in Aberdeen, Maryland.

  • Catholic Charities



    Catholic Charities funds bilingual counseling services for sexually abused, neglected and behaviorally impaired children, ages 3 to 8 years old. The number of children who fall prey to the unimaginable effects of sexual or physical abuse continues to grow. These highly specialized counseling services assist with how victims and their families cope with the trauma.

  • Collier Child Care Resources



    Collier Child Care Resources supports the needs of Collier County’s children, families and early learning professionals by providing high-quality education, resources and child care services. Funds will provide scholarships at the NCEF Early Childhood Development Center for low income children and families in the East Naples area.

  • Collier County Children's Advocacy Center, Inc./CPT



    Children’s Advocacy Center services the most severely abused and traumatized children in the community. Funds will help pay for medical and social evaluations, case management, trauma-focused therapy and counseling. The demand for services has grown and this project adds more resources to meet the need. Children’s Advocacy Center is the only entity able to provide medical diagnoses of child abuse, child forensic interviews and safe custody exchanges.

  • Conservancy of Southwest Florida



    Conservancy of Southwest Florida will provide spring and summer science camps for at-risk children. Camps will focus on increasing the academic proficiency in science and math through inquiry-based programming that will foster abilities such as critical thinking, collaboration, interpreting scientific information and data.

  • ELLM (Early Literacy and Learning Model)



    ELLM closes the school readiness gap for Pre-kindergarten children living in poverty in Collier County. This year’s grant will support classrooms with literacy-rich materials and will provide a research-based coaching model for teachers in Pre-K classrooms reaching over 1,500 children in Collier County.

  • Friends of Foster Children Forever



    Friends of Foster Children Forever provides abused, neglected and abandoned children with the social, educational and financial support the State does not. NCEF funds support educational and out-of-school time opportunities for children in foster care and has enabled thousands of foster children to discover hidden talents, boost their self-esteem, sustain good academic grades and most importantly, begin to realize their individual potential.

  • Fun Time Early Childhood Academy



    Fun Time Early Childhood Academy provides safe, quality, affordable education and care for children of low-income working families in the River Park area. NCEF funds ensure children entering kindergarten are ready to read and learn. Funds will help 84 toddlers and preschoolers receive quality child development services year round.

  • Gargiulo Education Center



    Gargiulo Education Center supports the academic and social development of North Naples migrant children through a free, safe and structured after-school program. This year’s grant will provide scholarships for 70 children in need of after-school care.

  • Golisano Children's Museum of Naples



    Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples will continue to provide increased access to at-risk and underprivileged through outreach programs. Additionally, Shelter Nights will ensure the most vulnerable children of Collier County, who are residing in homeless and emergency shelters, access the museum.

  • Grace Place for Children & Families



    Grace Place for Children and Families strives to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring students graduate from high school, seek continued higher education and enter the workforce as hard-working, prepared professionals. NCEF funding will expand a service learning and high school leadership program that will serve as a pathway to college for at-risk youth in the Golden Gate area.

  • Greater Marco Family YMCA



    Greater Marco Family YMCA has established out-of-school programs that build strong mind, body and spirit for the children of their community. This year’s grant will serve over 400 children in the Manatee and East Naples areas, providing them with after-school and summer programs. These programs will have an academic component to help participants maintain their academic skills throughout the summer.

  • Greater Naples YMCA



    Greater Naples YMCA operates the largest nonprofit early childhood center in Naples with over 230 birth to five year old children enrolled in year round, academically-based programs. This year’s grant will subsidize over 200 pre-school children from low income, working families.

  • Guadalupe Center



    Guadalupe Center provides educational, social and other support programs and resources to ensure success for disadvantaged children and families of Immokalee. This year’s grant will provide Early Childhood Education to 275 students, the Guadalupe After-School Program to 650 students and summer tutoring and recreation to 300 students. Guadalupe’s high school mentoring program, Tutor Corps, also provides comprehensive college preparedness for students at Immokalee High School.

  • Holocaust Museum of SWFL



    Holocaust Museum of SWFL promotes respect and understanding through lessons of the Holocaust. This program will offer after-school and summer programming for at-risk middle school students at the museum. Programs will focus on values clarification and other important competencies such as problem solving, justice, leadership and human rights needed for long-term success.

  • Immokalee Child Care Center



    Immokalee Child Care Center provides subsidized child care for children from poverty level income households who otherwise would not be able to afford care. Without high quality and subsidized child care, households would lose the ability to work and provide for their family, and children would not be ready for success in kindergarten.

  • Legal Aid



    Legal Aid funds will continue Children’s Legal Services Project Program to promote stability and well-being in the lives of children in the dependency system and those victimized by exposure to domestic violence, trauma and abuse. Free legal services will be provided for up to 450 clients at Catholic Charities, Children’s Advocacy Center, The Shelter for Abused Women & Children and Youth Haven.

  • MusicScores!



    MusicScores! is a cost-effective program that creates school learners, by providing violin instruction that enhances literacy and focus, as well as social and motor skills, for preschoolers. Significant research regularly supports that these interventions before age five yield the highest rewards in a child’s future. NCEF support will expand this research-based and data-driven program to three high-risk early childhood programs in East Naples.

  • Naples Botanical Garden



    Naples Botanical Garden will provide at-risk students a standards-based summer science program. This program is designed to reduce summer learning loss, as evidenced by extremely positive results from the first three years. Funds will also support a therapeutic horticulture program for youth with special needs.

  • Naples Equestrian Challenge



    Naples Equestrian Challenge offers therapeutic riding for disabled children in Collier County. This year’s grant will help to expand therapeutic riding sessions to a wider group of at-risk children in Collier County, particularly non-verbal children and others with communication disorders. Special assistive technology and electronic equipment will be purchased to implement this new modality of therapy.

  • Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA)



    Redlands Christian Migrant Association provides quality child care and early education for children of migrant farm workers and rural, low-income families throughout Collier County. This year’s grant will serve more than 500 preschool and school-age children through quality child development services and after-school programming.

  • Safe & Healthy Children's Coalition



    Safe & Healthy Children’s Coalition of Collier County focuses on saving children’s lives through injury prevention and health promotion. This year’s grant will continue to fund the drowning prevention/water safety programming. This program will provide layers of protection through water safety education for at-risk and underserved families and provide water safety lessons for 1,000 children.

  • Special Olympics



    Special Olympics helps people with intellectual disabilities participate as productive and respected members of society, by offering a fair opportunity to develop and demonstrate their skills and talents through a structured athletic program. This year’s grant will allow children with physical and intellectual disabilities to participate in after-school and summer activities specifically designed to meet their special needs. Additionally, this grant will fund a much needed early intervention program for children with intellectual disabilities ages 2 to 7 in Collier County.

  • St. Matthew's House



    St. Matthew’s House exists to change the lives of vulnerable and hurting individuals and families. This year’s grant will provide funds for the Essential and Vital Child Services Voucher Program to enrich the lives of these underprivileged children. The voucher’s support the cost of vital resources essential for the stability and success of children as their families overcome homelessness and addiction. These scholarships allow children to attend summer programs and help to provide supplementary one-on-one tutoring. Funding will also insure children in the shelter have access to child care.

  • The Immokalee Foundation



    The Immokalee Foundation provides an after-school reading intervention program known as the Immokalee Readers Program. This one-of-a-kind program provides curriculum targeting literacy intervention to improve reading among children who are academically at risk.

  • The Shelter for Abused Women & Children



    The Shelter for Abused Women & Children provides safety, intervention, education and support to victims and survivors of domestic violence. This year’s grant provided by NCEF is saving the lives of children and improving the quality of children’s lives by funding outreach services for child victims of domestic violence in Immokalee and Naples.

  • United Arts Council of Collier County



    United Arts Council of Collier County provides educational enrichment programs in the arts for approximately 500 at-risk students in out-of-school environments in Golden Gate City and East Naples. This program will have a strong emphasis on the digital arts and technology literacy education. This year’s grant will permit UAC to greatly expand their arts education to parts of the county that currently have large unmet needs.

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