Sep. 182018

Daphne and Bart Araujo

Anyone who has visited the Napa Valley understands how the majestic beauty of the landscape, the unique luminosity and the unmatched hospitality leave an indelible imprint on one’s heart.

The Araujo family knows well the enchanting powers of the Napa Valley.

In 1990, Bart and Daphne Araujo embarked on the project of a lifetime, with the Eisele Vineyard. As Bart explains, “It is a truly magical corner of the world. We knew little about grape growing and winemaking at the time, but I knew about starting and running businesses, and Daphne knew how to grow plants, and we were both ready for a new challenge.”

“It is relatively easy to make a  sound wine. However, excellence comes from working outside of the box. I find winemaking truly fascinating because, at its highest level, it requires a combination of technical and scientific expertise plus a level of artistic interpretation and instinct. It is humbling that, no matter how much you do, or how much you invest, you can only ever really control 50% of the variables that impact you.”

“We want to carry on pushing ourselves. Constantly. Every single day. There are no guidelines for where we want to go. We just always want to find ways to do better the things that most people feel we already do well.”

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