Jul. 172018

NCEF Combats Summer Learning Loss

NCEF is proud to announce that over 3,000 at-risk and underprivileged children are able to participate in academic programs throughout the summer, made possible through the Foundation’s funding, support of classes and enriching experiences. The Foundation provides support to a series of programs offering courses in SAT/ACT prep, computer coding, yoga, and swimming lessons as well as other diverse and enriching opportunities. Through the support of NCEF, Collier County students can continue their education during the summer months in order to help prepare them for the upcoming school year.

Students learning yoga

During the summer, there is a significant decline in the amount of academic knowledge students consume due to a lack of available resources for continued education. While many children in the community are able to cope with the summer learning loss with at-home tutors and summer camps, many of the county’s at-risk students do not have the needs to receive that same aid to participate in similar experiences. As a result, these underprivileged students enter the school year unprepared and feeling extremely discouraged next to their peers, which can result in eventually dropping out of school altogether. This ultimately hinders them from attending college and working towards a long-term career.

NCEF works hard every summer to ensure that every student in the community continues to receive opportunities to continue their education and help to achieve their dreams.

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